Community Assessment 2012


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United Way Worldwide continually embarks on national large scale research initiatives which help guide and shape our path and give a megaphone to a variety of our constituents including donors, recipients, employees, volunteers and community partners.

It is this continual feedback loop that makes United Way what it is, an organization steeped in history and heritage, yet one that continually seeks new input from our community and experts, driving community change based on real issues.

Local United Way chapters formulate their local agendas with the help of this National research, yet many, like United Way of Southern Nevada, take it a step further to get an accurate read of our local community issues through the eyes of our many constituents.

United Way of Southern Nevada has historically fielded a large scale Community Assessment every few years. Given the dynamic changes in our community over the past two years, it was critical that we get back into the field to understand the unique factors and recent changes so that real-time solutions are put into place. With the help of Applied Analysis and The Lincy Institute we have brought together best practices in academic, economic and policy research.

Phase I of The UWSN Community Assessment 2012 was completed in the Fall 2012.

Voices from all around the community were heard, from opinion leaders, the general population and the at-risk population. It was critical that the methodology allow for multiple points of view so as to understand the nuances that affect varying populations. These results will help set the course for many smaller non-profits and governmental agencies. Phase II is currently underway, with The Lincy Institute creating solutions to meet the challenges our community voices. Together, we can understand and tackle our community’s challenges. Together, we LIVE UNITED.

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