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Education | Lily and Gabriel Receive a Strong Start

Education | Lily and Gabriel Receive a Strong Start

A doctoral student at UNLV, Holly Schneider had almost given up hope in finding resources for sending her children, Lily age five and Gabriel age three and a half, to preschool. After some research, she was relieved to receive a United Way Tuition Assistance Preschool Scholarship.

When Holly found out about the scholarship, her resources were stretched. Trying to write a dissertation with two active, young children at home was challenging. After Lily and Gabriel began attending preschool, she and her husband Jubal were able to focus on their career goals.

“I am passionate about education. It’s a hard road but a good road to provide a better future for my family,” explained Holly. “My husband can also now pursue his dreams and has the time to work an information technology internship for two days a week.”

Since attending preschool, Lily has now gained an interest in reading books and learned to write her name and recognize words and letters.

“Lily wasn’t getting the social interaction she needed staying at home. It’s really helped her to come out of her shell and she has gained pre-kindergarten academic skills,” said Holly. “She has come a long way.”

An active child, Gabriel is strong-willed and his verbal skills were behind.  Holly works closely with his teacher to create strategies to help Gabriel focus his attention on learning.

“He has taken a giant step towards verbalizing his frustrations instead of having temper tantrums,” explained Holly. “I am so happy with the outcomes for my family.”

Gabriel is now learning different letters and numbers and has an increased attention span.

“Preschool is so important for my children,” said Holly. “My children have learned the social skills of how to interact with other children and adults and gained critical social, cognitive and emotional skills.”

United Way of Southern Nevada Receives a $160,000 Lumina Foundation National Grant to Increase Postsecondary Attainment Rates

United Way of Southern Nevada Receives a $160,000 Lumina Foundation National Grant to Increase Postsecondary Attainment Rates

UWSN – Only Nevada organization to receive funding from the prestigious Lumina Foundation United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN) was the only organization in Nevada selected to receive a $160,000 Lumina Foundation national grant to help increase postsecondary degree attainment in southern Nevada. To increase postsecondary degree attainment in southern Nevada, UWSN is collaborating with…More

2015-2016 Community Impact Process RFP

2015-2016 Community Impact Process RFP

United Way of Southern Nevada is pleased to release this 2015 Request for Proposals (RFP). United Way of Southern Nevada, hereafter referred to as UWSN, is committed to making the greatest possible impact in the following critical areas which research has identified as the building blocks of a good life: Education Health Financial Stability Over…More

Non-profit Network Report by The Lincy Institute at UNLV

The Lincy Institute at UNLV has completed a comprehensive study of the partnering power of Southern Nevada nonprofits, highlighting several organizations as leaders for their ability to work together, leverage resources and information, and mobilize the nonprofit community. Many of the issues facing Southern Nevada are complex and interrelated, which report authors say requires a coordination…More

Community Assessment 2012

  [issuu autoFlip=true width=550 height=354 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=121217022041-ade2e7c299254599bce751d75b8c1d16 name=uw_community_assess_2012_small username=scotthurd tag=las%20vegas unit=px v=2]                     (See PDF Viewer above or download from the link at bottom of post) United Way Worldwide continually embarks on national large scale research initiatives which help guide and shape our path and give…More

Health | Helping Children Grow and Thrive

Angelica could not afford healthcare for her son, Caleb. A struggling single mother, she needed help getting Caleb immunized so that he could start school and he also needed treatment for asthma. When she found out about the United Way of Southern Nevada partner University of Nevada School of Medicine – Children’s Health Access Project…More

Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund

The United Way Hurricane Sandy Recovery Fund was established to address the near-term and long-term recovery needs of individuals, families and communities along the Eastern Seaboard that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy’s devastation. Contributions to the Fund will be used by local United Ways in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,…More

Health | Jesse Learns How to “Brush at Lunch”

At five years old, Jesse had never been to a dentist. His parents, Maria and Francisco, couldn’t afford one more expense with two young children and a baby on the way. Since the family has no medical insurance, they were relieved when they found out that Jesse’s preschool school offered a “Brush At Lunch” program…More

Education | FERCs Help Students Graduate

Gabriel, a high school freshman, was in danger of being referred out of Sunrise Mountain High School for cutting classes and truancy. Gabriel’s counselor met with Gabriel and his mom to discuss her concerns that if he kept on missing school and disrupting class, he would not graduate. Concerned about her son, Angelica asked the…More

Education | Scholarships

Jamie wanted to attend preschool but her parents could not afford another expense. Jamie’s parents learned about the education programs funded by United Way at a community event offering no cost immunizations for preschoolers. Excited to see if they could qualify for the education scholarship, Jamie’s parents called the HOTLINE at 892-2361. The family picked…More