United Way of Southern Nevada works to build a healthier community and to advance the common good through its focus on Education, Health and Financial Stability—the building blocks of a good life. With an extensive network of donors, volunteers and community leaders, United Way brings together the passion, expertise and resources needed to affect positive change in our community. Together, person by person, United Way’s collective power is building a more solid community fabric, connecting impassioned advocates who truly LIVE UNITED for a better southern Nevada.

Through the United Way Community Impact model, we know that we cannot improve Southern Nevada’s conditions without a focus on health, education and financial stability, as these truly are the building blocks of a good life. Not only are they critical, but they are critically interdependent. One cannot be successful in school with poor attendance from sickness or from lack of immunizations. An educated person cannot be successful without learning how to balance a checkbook or how to save for a car. Kids can’t stay in school if their parents are jumping from job to job and apartment to apartment. With a focus on health, education, and financial stability, we can create a healthier southern Nevada.

Please watch our mission video and see how these forces interplay to create better outcomes for children and families.